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Posted 12/03/2012 by Matty McDonald in Uncategorized

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  1. Hopefully you can perfect those movie making skills now that you are out so that it isn’t sideways -:)

  2. Your blog was unbeleivable, I literally couldn’t stop reading it once I discovered it….Good luck with your future, it sounds like you have learned so much and hopefully you are open to continuing to learning. I wish you nothing but the best and hope your freedom is all you have dreamed of for the past few years…..WRITE A BOOK MATTY, your words are powerful and moving and I’m sure you will continue to touch lives on the outside….LOTS OF LOVE FROM CANADA!!!!!!!!!

  3. awesome matty! congrats! read my last message to your last post. look at your facebook and friend me. i wanna send you a message ok? im diane from CT. huge bb fan. sorry i wasnt able to track you down. prob didnt try hard enough. i hope to be able to correspond. im sure you will be out celebrating so enjoy and take it all in. im sure you will be overwhelmed. breath, relax, take it easy and take it all in and have fun but be good! i have faith inm you matt! wish i knew you and could be one of those great freinds as i said before. look frwd to be able to contact you soon!!! luv ya matt ; )~ you always kept bb interesting! btw you need a shot where your looking at the camera showing that awesome smile you have!!!! and those beautiful blue eyes!!! take care, diane

  4. oops ok i didnt see it was a video. now i see the smile and the eyes! i cant imagine how you feel right now!!!! let us know whats the first thing you do and first thing you eat!!!!!! and what technology has changed…diane ps you look great. you dont even look like you aged matt, seriously

  5. Congrats on being out Matty! Cant wait to read and or watch more of your blogs!

  6. You did it! Good Luck, I am so happy for you.

  7. good luck n enjoy !!!!

  8. Good Luck Marty.

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  9. Congrats !! I loved u on big brother and I have read all ur blogs. Wish u the best :)

  10. grats

  11. Congrats you made it. Good luck I look forward to more blogs and how you are doing. So happy for you. You will do great.

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  12. Matty, Hopefully you join facebook, that would be easier for most. I’m so glad that your out of prison and can start your life over. I was glad to hear that you had already gotten off the drugs before your arrest, that speaks volumes. However if the DEA wants you it appears that they don’t care if your not involved anymore. I’m sure that you will find that life has changed dramatically in 3 or 4 years. Good luck with your new life, please make the best of it. Nancy K
  13. To say you look elated would be an understatement. I’m glad for you that your days behind bars have come to an end. Let them stay that way. I wish you much love, light, happiness and kindness during this new transitional period in your life. I’m glad for you. Remember, keep calm, deep breaths, chiin up….and one day at a time.
    Much love from Canada!!

  14. Marty, Congrats for completing your education in prison. Your family and friends are encouraged to see you again and help you build your “new life”. Today you walked out of prison with all the “tools” you Ned to accomplish that. Reflect tonight on the joy you felt to leave prison. Remember seeing the happy faces who greeted you. Burn this day in your soul.

    Tomorrow, when you venture out into the world, take those tools and use them to build your new
    Life and turn away the temptations of your old life. You are going to be tested, like anyone in recovery.

    I pray you will never forget the pain and angst of disappointment you put your immediate family through.These people are the foundation of your life and support. Don’t fuck them over again, or else that foundaTion will crumble.

    I look forward to reading your blog updates on a regular basis. Stay in touch.


    PS I lost the love of my life to alcoholism. 7 rehabs and dead at 50 yrs old.

  15. Matty
    Welcome home. God bless you. I wish you all the best as you move forward and put all that behind you.
    Joe LoCo

  16. Good luck Matty.

  17. Matty I have followed your blog, cried with you and your story. I wish you the best, life is a funny bitch and sometimes she’s hard ass. I think you will be just fine though and I will keep following your blog. Stay strong and stay safe.

    God Bless You,
    Lisa K.

  18. Just a little reminder Matt; life will go back to normal a lot faster than you know.Like you said you’re still the same guy but,you’ve grown. I truly believe you but life on the outside can bring a man back in a heartbeat. Remember stay HUMBLE and remain grounded and don’t let your pride get in the way if you’re having difficulties.
    I’m saying this from experience.I too was addicted to opiates.Unfortunately it was heroin and getting off it was EXTREMELY difficult but,after many times trying I finally prevailed.Whenever I get down or depressed I look at myself under the influence of the drug and JUST LIKE THAT I’m back.

    P.S. Here is the link (warning) It’s pretty graphic

  19. Good luck Matt

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