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My life has been nothing short of a Lifetime movie.  I have been on the highest of highs and have experienced the lowest of lows.  I have been on a few TV shows and am now in Federal Prison.  One might say thus far my life has been pretty crazy–but in a good way.  I wouldn’t trade any of my experiences for the world.

I love my family.  I have the greatest friends a man could ask for–I am pretty blessed.  I love to travel and am into fitness and yoga.  I am a sports junkie–go Sox, Pats, Bruins & Celtics!

I won’t be home for a little while, but I am using my time very wisely.  I am working on becoming a better man…the man I was supposed to be all along.  Life is short and freedom should NEVER be taken for granted.  I have learned from my mistakes and will continue to learn this valuable life lesson, every day I am behind bars and every day for the rest of my life.  When I am released, it will be my second chance…my “take 2” at life.  Stay tuned…great things ahead!

Posted 03/28/2011 by Matty McDonald

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  1. What an AWESOME photo. Your smile is still great as I remember from BB and still puts a smile on my face! Keep smiling! Keep moving! Keep blogging! Keep being the new and improved you!

  2. Stay strong Matti!
    Love You!

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