Sunday – July 10, 2011

Well…I finally left Middleton.  Good riddance!  No more shitty food, no more orange jumpsuit, and no more county jail bullshit.  Sure, I’ll miss a few of the guys, but they’ll write…or I’ll write…or better yet…I’ll see them on the other side.  I’m moving on to the Feds…or almost anyways…

I’m currently sitting in my cell (much better accommodations by the way) in Wyatt Detention Center in Rhode Island.  I’m on the “new man block” for the next few days, so I figured I’d give you a quick update while I’m on 22-hour lockdown.  They keep all the new detainees locked up most of the day until we get classified and put in population.

I came here with nothing…except the clothes on my back…or better yet…the orange jumpsuit.  The US Marshalls don’t let you bring any commissary items from the previous jail, so I basically have to start all over.  When I leave here, same story.  Unlike Middleton, which gives you nothing but an itchy blanket, a sheet, a towel, and the middle finger, Wyatt gives you everything…well just about…basketball shorts, (3) tees, (3) socks), (3) pairs of underwear, standard toiletries, a towel, shower shoes, a few nice blankets (nice for jail), a pillow, and a 2-piece khaki uniform.  No more orange…which made coming here a little more pleasant…lol.  Also, as soon as I stepped on the pad, guys ask where you’re from…Boston obviously…and the Boston guys hooked me up with all sorts of stuff to make the next few days of mostly lockup more comfortable.  Items such as a radio, magazines, various food, bag of coffee, and good toiletries…which really make a difference…especially when you just get somewhere and have nothing.  Now if they’d set up my phone already…we’d be in business…lol.  I’ve been here since Thursday and I still haven’t been able to call my mom.  They keep telling me Monday.  Let’s hope so…or else I’ll just have to wait longer.  This place (so far) seems alright…decent for a jail anyways.  I wish I got to do my first 15 months here…but hey…it is what it is.  I’m told I’ll only be here for a few more weeks…then it’s on to Brooklyn, NY.  “Brooklyn, Brooklyn take me in…”

I missed the premiere of Big Brother 13…since I got moved on Thursday.  I still have no clue who the new house guests are…mainly because I haven’t been able to talk to anyone on the phone yet.  Hopefully I can watch it tonight…if it’s on when my hour of freedom comes.  If not, when I call people tomorrow, I’ll get updated, and hopefully by next episode I’ll be watching and reminiscing.  Before I got here, I heard rumors that they’re bringing back some house guests from past seasons.  That’s pretty cool…as long as it’s not people I can’t stand…lol.

So…as you can see…my journey has begun…my little tour of our fine United States…lol.  Kinda wish it wasn’t a tour while shackled…but hey…like I tell myself everyday…this too shall pass, every day I wake up is a day closer to being free.  I’ll keep this blog relatively short for now.  Honestly, I only have two sheets of paper…lol.  I’d give you a typical day here, but I can’t really do that since I’ve pretty much been locked in since my arrival.  Must be nice…huh?  When I get some more paper I’ll write again…but for now I’ll leave you with a little quote from our “good friend” Whitey Bulger… “It takes a strong person to reach inside himself and say I’m here because of me.”

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