As I was writing my last blog about the boy with cancer, I started to think a lot about life and how maybe I owe something to that kid.  You never know…if I never crossed paths with him…I may still be hooked on pills…or worse.  So I asked myself, what have I ever done for others?  When have I ever given back?  Sadly…after a little while of thinking…and trust me I tried to think of something good…I couldn’t.  My entire life, I have been focused on me and me alone.  Sad really, especially considering I was in a position once or twice (while on TV) to maybe get some sort of positive message across…to maybe help others or do something good…I didn’t.  So here I am… after a conversation with my girl Kelly from NY, who works with cancer patients helping them get grants from non-profit organizations for treatments, I learned that cancer medication and treatments are wicked expensive, and sadly not every patient can afford them…so I got an idea.  Since this lil’ blog of mine has been getting some decent daily traffic, why not try and make something out of it…to give back…. so I contacted WordPress…asking what my options were.  They suggested SocialVibe, where individuals make a positive impact for the charity of their choice.  I chose “Stand Up to Cancer”.  If you take a few minutes of your time and click the “Stand Up to Cancer” badge on my blog, all you have to do is answer a few questions.  After joining SocialVibe, in addition to creating a personal profile, users are asked to select their favorite cause to support and to choose a sponsor.  Once you have done so, you can earn points for yourself (if you want), which can be redeemed for a variety of different perks and money for your respective charities by posting your “badge” (a kind of advertisement prominently displaying your chosen sponsor) to another social networking site..such as Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Blogger and more.  It’s all legit, I made sure first…lol.  NOTE:  Occasionally you will see a message when you click on the link, “Thanks for your support! New activities will be coming soon.”  The reason you are seeing this message is that so many people are completing activities to support their charities, and sometimes they run out faster than they can get new ones up.  Be patient and PLEASE keep trying. You will eventually get to earn your donation!!

So please help me out.  Think of the little boy I talked about, think of a loved one who has cancer, or a friend, or even a stranger.  I’m sure everyone reading this right now knows at least one person with cancer.  I myself had an Uncle Michael who had cancer…sadly, he is no longer with us.  My Auntie Michelle had breast cancer…but she survived!!  My grandpa has cancerous tumors on his bladder…which has fortunately been treatable.  One particular lady friend from Florida that I’m fond of had cancer and beat it!!  There’s plenty of success stories….thanks to people like you who click links and make things happen to get money donated to cancer research… so DO IT!  Click the link!  DO ITTT!!

This is a public service announcement brought to you by Matthew McDonald at FCI Fort Dix….

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